Bonita's Treat Baked Coconut Chips Mini Savoury Sweet (Sweet & Salty)

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Bonita's baked coconut chips have a satisfying crunch with a touch of salt and/ or sugar. Our Coconut Chips are made from mature coconuts, picked specifically for optimal flavor and texture. The coconuts are sliced, lightly seasoned, and slowly baked, locking in great flavor and a satisfying crunch.

Available in our three top flavors- lightly sweetened, cinnamon and Savoury Sweet, each bite delivers the crave-able crunch of chips. Enjoy straight out of the bag, or with salads, yogurt, oatmeal, ice cream, cakes and so on.

Have special dietary needs? Reach out to us for unsweetened, or honey or dates sweetened variants.
Storage- cool dry place.