Fresh Oha Soup (1 Litre)

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Oha Soup gives you an exhilarating culinary experience from the Eastern part of Nigeria. This traditional delicacy gives off an enchanting aroma even before you get a taste of this gracious soup. This very rich nutritious soup takes a lot of skill to prepare and when done properly like we do at Nkataa, would leave you wanting more and more. Apart from the obvious Oha leaves used, palm oil and fresh pepper are also introduced to create that spicy deliciousness you crave. Achi (soup thickener) is also added to the mix to ensure that perfect thickness is achieved. This Oha soup is very rich in protein as it contains various foods rich in nutrients, dry fish and stockfish are bountiful in the soul giving it a very tempting and inviting mouthwatering aromatic flavor. There is more to grab onto as the soup also holds meaty lumps of beef and pomo (cow skin) - assorted (cow intestines) is used to further garnish this palatable bowl of soup.

Oha soup is safely stored in an environmental health friendly container that you can immediately inserted into a microwave and warm. The 1 liter quantity can be shared between people or you can take what you need and store back in the freezer. When you buy Oha soup from us, you can be assured that it has been prepared and stored under very strict clean and healthy conditions. Oha soup can be used to eat any swallow, are you a pounded yam person? That works, you prefer semovita or wheat? You can enjoy this soup with that too. Oha is very rich in nutrients and helps the body fight certain diseases. Apart from the fact that oha leaves are green and healthy, they also contain large amounts of Vitamin A, B and C.

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