Pringles Original 200g

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Pringles 200g is the large sized tube of the world famous spicy potato chips snack. Mainly made up of potatoes and wheat, Pringles is sold in well over 140 countries worldwide and has been in business for about 50 years. With a reputation as the fourth most popular snack in the world, Pringles is definitely the most consumed potato chip snack in Nigeria. Over 40 years’ experience in making chips has established it as the master chips snack and is generally loved by kids and adults alike. Are looking for that quick snack that you can just pop open and enjoy, then Pringles is perfect for you. This particular size of potato chips gives you more value for your money. Perfect for you and your family and friends, you can now buy one pack that would go around and back to you with some still remaining. This brand of potato chips stands above others, thanks to the amazing way it is packaged. The tube-like container with the airtight lid has made it possible to always save some for later, without fear that it would get contaminated or softened by air.

Pringles is not just the regular snack, as it also has health benefits. As surprising as it might seem, there are nutrients to be gained by the tasty and spicy potato chip snack. Mainly composed of protein and carbohydrate – for your daily dose of proteins and carbohydrates, you can rely on Pringles for that. I bet you have been wondering what they are made of. The original Pringles are made from dried potatoes, corn oil, cottonseed oil, soybean oil, rice flour, wheat starch and salt. Depending on what flavour you order for, additional natural and artificial flavours are added. A little bit of milk is also found in Pringles. This 200g size is currently available in various flavours, including Original, sour cream and onion, hot and spicy, barbecue, salt & vinegar, cheese & onion, paprika, prawn cocktail, smokey bacon and sour cream.

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