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Gizdo or Gizdodo as is commonly called is simply a side dish made of fried plantain and gizzard mixed in the peppered sauce. This dish just came out of nowhere and is now everyone's favorite. Imagine the combo, plantain, and gizzard! Two all-time favourites combined. Let’s dig in! The first major ingredient is the gizzard. This is the muscular thick-walled part of a bird's stomach used for grinding food. It has this crunchy feel and unique taste when cooked. Just like the poultry, it is rich in proteins and vitamins. Plantain commonly called ‘dodo’ is a member of the banana family and is one of Nigeria’s favourite foods. Its golden brown colour when fried makes it not just only the aesthetically pleasing side but also very tasty. Almost everybody eats plantain, whether fried, boiled or roasted. Plantain is a highly nutritious meal and has high carbohydrate content. The Gizzard and the Plantain are a perfect combination, a double dose of nutrients. Gizdo or Gizdodo is a stir fry of gizzard and fried plantain. This combo is fried with vegetables, pepper & tomato sauce and seasoning. Gizdo is indeed a delight to the taste buds. Apart from being a side dish, gizdo can also be made into a chunky dip to be served with chips, fried yam, plantain e.t.c.

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