Peppered Chicken

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Fried Chicken Laps, Sauteed in Pepper Sauce is that one protein option that is most likely everyone's favourite. Living in Nigeria, there's no way you wouldn't have tasted it. It’s in the small chops, party jollof rice, first timers gift bag in church, street food e.t.c It's literally everywhere. At outdoor parties there's always a guy nearby frying chicken. During night outs, it’s that go to meal, who doesn't know the famous “chicken and chips”. Peppered Chicken is always the option when you can’t pronounce other things on the menu. Well, everybody loves a well seasoned grilled chicken. Writing this description is even making us hungry. Are you salivating reading about it too? Let’s talk about chicken a little. It is the most common type of poultry in the world. Chicken is rich in protein and is actually the best choice of meat for older people. So eating peppered chicken is not just about enjoying the taste, it’s also good for you.

Nkataa’s Peppered Chicken is marinated with the best seasoning, dipped in the right amount of oil, grilled until tender and served with the right sauce. At every bite, there’s a rush of flavours in your mouth. It is a major hit. Not only can Nkataa’s Peppered Chicken be enjoyed alone, it goes well with Boli (roasted plantain) and fries. All these are available on Nkataa. Our peppered chicken can also be sauteed and enjoyed as part of our Brunch Combo. You don’t have to wait for a cook out or the next outdoor party. Satisfy your craving and order our peppered chicken and have it delivered to you anywhere in Abuja. From your doorstep to your stomach. Nkataa should be the minister of stomach infrastructure.

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