Ofada Rice & Stew

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Ofada rice & stew is a special traditional meal that originated from the Eastern part of Nigeria. Also known as Abakaliki rice or brown rice, comes with a very unique aroma and essence. At Nkataa, we have specifically chosen to use Igbemo Ofada rice to make this delicious and yummy ofada banquet. What really makes the meal complete is the ofada sauce or stew that accompanies it. The very tasty, spicy and meaty sauce is something like you have never tasted before. The peppery stew is made up of the usuals ‰ÛÒ onions, tomato paste, habanero pepper, chill pepper, palm oil, locust beans, seasoning cubes and of course salt. Saving the best for last, this spicy ofada sauce is filled with all kind of assorted meat i.e. liver, beef, kidneys, cow intestines (shaki, ponmo, roundabout).

Ofada rice and stew can also be served with different sides. You have the option to buy ofada rice and sauce with a side serving of fried plantain (dodo) and also a large piece of grilled chicken. Unlike what you are accustomed to in other places, our specially trained chefs have perfected their ofada-making skills that every spoonful makes you question why you didn‰Ûªt order for 2 plates just for yourself. This meal is as delicious as it is healthy. The brown rice is totally natural and not modified genetically in any way. This natural state increases the fiber it contains by twice the normal level in regular; fiber plays a major in our digestive process. It also helps control the blood level in the body and reduces the chances of getting diabetes. The health benefits are endless as Ofada rice also reduces the seriousness of asthma in patients and helps protect the body against high-blood pressure.

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