Nkataa Caribbean Rice

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Nkataa Caribbean Rice is the real king of fried rice. This meal is unlike any other you have ever tasted. The ingredients were specially picked by a set of skillful and professional chefs at Nkataa, hence the name Nkataa Caribbean Rice. This very yummy and delightful plate of rice is definitely going to put an end to that craving and knot you feel deep down in your stomach right now. We have set a new unbeatable standard with this meal and the classiness matches the fulfillment you get when you buy a plate of this culinary masterpiece. The Caribbean Fried Rice has a rainbow-like list of ingredients. First things first, the rice used to make this meal is the best type of Basmati rice, it has its own unique aroma that serves as an appetizer on its own. The usual ingredients such as carrots, onions, green beans, green peas and sweet corn are also present, to give you that rich taste you have already grown accustomed to. You will never have enough of this delicious meal.

Nkataa Caribbean Rice is very special because we offer you a large range of protein selection with your hot plate of food. We offer peppered goat meat, grilled chicken, jerk chicken and even peppered chicken. It doesn't end here, chicken franks sausages (not pork) are also chopped and added into the already sizzling fried rice. We sprinkle your food with a 5 star luxury treatment by the addition of shrimps, this perfect mix is what makes this rice special. With all these crazy mouthwatering combinations, you can also add fried plantain (dodo) as a side. Now tell me, have you ever been treated to such luxurious cuisine for as little as this price before? No need to answer that question because we both know what the answer is.

Buy Nkataa Caribbean Rice today at Nkataa for the best price ever in Abuja, Nigeria.