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Efo-riro Soup

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Efo riro is originally a Yoruba dish prepared with vegetables and a stewed sauce. It includes other ingredients such as stockfish, palm oils, crayfish, pepper, locust bean ( locally called Iru), meat and others. Vegetables used to cook this soup are Efo Shoko or Efe Tete ( also called Green Amaranth) In their absence, the leafy spinach commonly called ‘Green’ is another good option. This is one of the highly praised Yoruba cuisines and is paired with just not swallows but rice, yam, plantain, beans and just about anything. This soup totally debunks the myth that the Yoruba’s do not have nice dishes. If you’ve tried it, you should agree to this; the meal is absolutely finger licking especially when prepared to perfection. Whichever of the vegetables are used, the Efo riro is still highly packed with nutrients. In other parts of Nigeria, a lot of people opt for the spinach leaves as it is readily available in almost every market. The spinach leaves contain a good amount of soluble dietary fiber. Eating Efo riro supplies your body with iron, vitamins, calcium and other essential nutrients. So even if it’s eaten alone without swallow or other staples, it is still considered as highly nutritious. There's nothing better than eating a nutritious and tasty meal all in one.

Nkataa’s Efo riro is rich in nutrients and taste. It is served alongside with a range of swallows such as eba, semo, poundo yam, wheat, and rice. Nkataa’s Efo soup is like none seen before. All the necessary ingredients are very present and combine together to form the thick sea of delight with lumpy meats acting as boulders in the ocean. Apart from the regulars, our Efo soup is filled with very all the right protein sources and in the right number.The soup contains large pieces of beef, ponmo and if you want, goat meat. This meal delivers to you all the nutrients you require for the day and even more. Order, and we’ll deliver anywhere in Abuja.

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