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Club Sandwich

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Club Sandwich is the delicious combination of roast chicken or turkey with bacon, lettuce and tomato in lightly toasted bread. Club Sandwich may not be originally from Nigeria but Club Sandwiches are eaten a lot in Nigeria by virtually everyone. We have taken this recipe from the West and completely made it our own, so much so that we now have Naija style Club Sandwiches. Both the young and old really enjoy having club sandwich either as snacks with a chilled drink or as a breakfast, lunch or dinner meal and by just adding fruits and a drink, you are sorted. School kids nowadays prefer Club Sandwiches to be packed as their lunch/brunch, with a chilled drink like Capri-sonne and some light drinks. It is also a perfect recipe for office breakfast meetings, which is most times served with a hot cup of tea to wash it down. If you are looking forward to having a small birthday celebration with a few friends at home or in the office, Club Sandwich is also perfect for you, and it perfectly goes down with cocktail drinks.

Club Sandwiches are normally served on local Nigerian flights and exclusive hotels but you don't have to be mile-high to taste this snack or breakfast/lunch/dinner recipe. Nkataa provides you with one of the best Sandwiches you can munch in town, as it is carefully and specially prepared to give you that unique and full taste you have been longing for all day. Most people while ordering for Nkataa's Sandwich loves to add a chilled fresh blended fruit alongside their order or one of our fruit juices like Five Alive, Chivita, Stute and so on. We got our dispatchers who are always ready to deliver your Sandwich to you as soon as possible to your doorstep.

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