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Nkataa's Chinese Rice is sure one of the best you can get around Abuja and Nigeria at large as it is prepared with all the mouthwatering ingredients and spices you are expecting in a chinese rice. One thing is sure with this meal, and that is the fact that it is always served hot and fresh (no yesterday's rice). The spices used to prepare this meal are carefully selected to give you the best and quality taste. It is prepared to a perfect taste with the necessary ingredients such as rice, soy sauce, and chopped vegetables such as onions, peppers, and broccoli. A special rice called Basmati rice which is of high quality is used for this meal and it is carefully prepared to give you the best. We specifically use white onions as it has a mild flavor and blends well with the rest of the ingredients, and the red ball peppers, as they have a distinct flavor profile that resonates well with fried rice. More especially this rice is garnished with eggs to give it that unique chinese rice feel and taste. Nkataa's Chinese Rice, other than being served alone, can also be served with proteins such as; Beef, Chicken, peppered , peppered Beef to further garnish your meal and make your breakfast, lunch or dinner worth it.

Nkataa's Chinese Rice is part of our Nkataa Day Kitchen and Nkataa Night Kitchen menu and it is delivered fresh to your doorstep or you can come have it at our Bukka. To our beans lovers out there, be sure to have the most delicious porridge beans in Abuja and Nigeria at large. Our dispatchers are all ready with their bikes and cars to deliver your meal, our customer care agents are also ready to quickly process your order (you can also call and they can help you place your order, if you are quite busy). All you need to do is to grab your phones, tabs or laptops and enter and place your hot Chinese Rice and you will see it in no distant time delivered at your doorstep.

Buy Chinese Rice today at Nkataa for the best price ever in Abuja, Nigeria.