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Chicken Pepper Soup

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Pepper soup is a popular Nigerian soup with quite a versatile recipe as it can be prepared with different types of proteins like fresh fish, chicken and goat meat. Thus we have Cat Fish pepper soup (popularly known as “Point and Kill”), Chicken pepper soup, and Goat meat pepper soup, Cow leg pepper soup and assorted Beef Pepper soup. Specially prepared Pepper soup is believed to be prepared with ‘secret’ ingredients that only the only exclusive restaurants and bars know about. Theses ingredients gives the pepper soup a unique aroma and taste. Pepper soup is sure one of the most sought after Nigerian soup as it has several variances to meet your choice of protein. Most people love to have their pepper soup alongside drinking chilled alcohol as it is known to go down well. Nkataa’s Catfish is specially prepared to have you come back ordering for more because we do not just make sure it is served fresh, we also ensure the catfish is a point and kill one, ie it does not stay alive up to an hour before it being used for the peppersoup. Our Goat Meat Pepper Soup is also another highly sought after peppersoup because make sure the goat meat is freshly slaughtered, giving you that perfect goat aroma and taste that makes you longing for more. More so we have the Chicken Pepper Soup which has this unique taste and aroma also because we normally use life and not frozen chicken to prepare it.

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