Nkataa Kitchen

grilled chicken
  • Save 19%
Grilled Chicken
1,235 1,000
  • Save 33%
Fried Plantain (Diced)
450 300
  • Save 67%
Peppered Goat Meat
1,530 500
party jollof rice
  • Save 19%
Party Jollof Rice
1,235 1,000
  • Save 14%
Ofada Rice & Stew
2,500 2,150
  • Save 31%
Poundo Swallow Wrap
720 500
  • Save 32%
Vegetable Soup
1,030 700
  • Save 50%
Cooked Rice
1,500 750
  • Save 17%
Porridge Beans
1,200 1,000
  • Save 17%
White Rice and Stew
1,200 1,000
  • Save 15%
Fried Fish
1,000 850
egusi soup
  • Save 32%
Egusi Soup
1,030 700
  • Save 3%
310 300
  • Save 17%
Jollof Spaghetti
1,200 1,000
efo riro soup
  • Save 32%
1,030 700
pepper soup
  • Save 20%
Cat Fish Pepper Soup
1,500 1,200
  • Save 9%
Fresh Orange Juice
1,100 1,000
Extra Pepper Sauce
  • Save 32%
Uha Soup
1,030 700
  • Save 8%
Chicken Stir Fry
1,200 1,100
  • Save 6%
Boiled Plantain and Vegetable Fish Sauce
1,800 1,700

Nkataa Offers Efficient Food Delivery

Breakfast in bed doesn't have to just end there. Who wouldn't want to have food delivered to them while at work, in class or on that lazy home day? So whether you were rushing out in the morning, ran out of food, exhausted the gas or the office assistant is taking forever to bring your meal. Whatever lemons life throws at you, make lemonade with the Nkataa Kitchen; the kitchen away from home. Just imagine mum, hubby or boo in the kitchen, select and have it delivered to you with love. Afterall what's your day without food? Let your stomach thank you, shop online from the Nkataa Day Kitchen and have the tastiest meals at the best prices delivered to you anywhere in Abuja

Nkataa Day Time Kitchen Online Delivery

Select from our wide range of food options and have it delivered straight to you in no time. Save yourself the stress from driving during lunch break, skipping classes to meet up with that jollof rice before it finishes or hurrying to whoop up meals when we get those unexpected visitors. Quick meals? We’ll get them to you in 59 minutes. We have sandwiches, salads, chips, fried plantain and a whole lot more options you can choose from. You can take it up a notch higher with our native jollof rice, Cyprian jollof rice, Nkataa special fried rice and even Ofada rice; trust us to give you the best varieties. How about bringing the party to you with our party jollof rice. We even go the extra mile to make fresh meals that would be delivered to you in just 90 minutes! Yes! You read that right. So when it comes to your Banga soup, Oha soup, vegetable soup, peppered snails, stews and loads more Nkataa has got you covered. You know no one satisfies your stomach in Abuja like we do. You can also shop from our drinks store to complement your meals.