Santi Food Unsweetened Greek Yoghurt (1 litre)

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Santi Food Unsweetened Greek Yoghurt is a naturally made nutrient-dense yoghurt, low in sugar, fat and contains a high amount of protein. Also known as strained yoghurt, this yoghurt has been strained to remove the whey or the liquid that remains after the yoghurt has been strained. It is a weight loss seekers heaven and can be conveniently taken anytime, either as a supplement for your breakfast as a breakfast on the go option, or as a snack to quench a mid-day hunger. This Greek yoghurt is very thick, rich and creamy and can be eaten with any fruit, nuts, cereal or toppings, and already contains granola which consists of healthy breakfast ingredients such as nuts, honey and rolled oats. All ingredients are natural and it is a source of calcium, does not contain any artificial colours, low in sodium, no preservatives and no artificial sweeteners. It also contains half the amount of carbohydrates normal yoghurt contains.

Santi Food Unsweetened Greek Yoghurt is a proudly Nigerian made product, comes in both 500ml and 750ml see-through plastic containers. A 500ml pack contains enough protein to keep you full when on a diet as well as build lean muscles. Asides the benefit of weight loss, this yoghurt helps in warding off heart disease. All the activities of a busy day on a weight loss program can be made a lot less stressful with just one 500ml or 750ml pack of this very healthy, refreshing and satisfying Greek yoghurt. Without mincing words this Greek yoghurt is very healthy for adults of any age and children are not left out either. With the cases of obesity in kids on the increase, Greek Yoghurt can help bridge the gap between healthy and at the same time rich and satisfying yoghurts.

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