Cow Skin (Ponmo) 100g

Cow Skin (Ponmo) 100g

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Ponmo is cow skin which has been processed for consumers to cook and eat like beef. Pomo has become a popular local delicacy loved by all regardless of societal class level. Its unique taste and texture are what make it so popular. Over the years cow skin popularly called ponmo has become an important delicacies that is eaten by everyone. When you order a plate of eba and egusi soup, you can buy ponmo and meat.

Ponmo is used when preparing various delicacy in Nigeria, like Egusi soup, Pepper soup, Banga soup, Stew, Peppered Ponmo, Ofada Stew , Ogbono Soup, Efo Riro, Roasted Ponmo and Plantain, Sauce and lots more. Ponmo can be used to cook tons of different meals or like any other meat, can be enjoyed solely after boiling and spicing. The Ponmo adds a very special aroma and taste to soups and is usually the highlight of most occasions. There are two known types of Ponmo, White Ponmo and Dark Ponmo. With a very affordable price tag, you get 100g weight of this healthy Ponmo. It's thoroughly cleaned and packaged in an airtight bag.

Cow's skin (Ponmo) is high in gelatine, a protein from collagen, which is high in non-essential amino acids (those which the body can make) and very low in essential amino acids (those which must be provided by the diet)

We aim to please, so depending on what you intend to make with the Ponmo, it is up to you to decide how you want your it cut. The options cover every possible category you can get it sliced in large cuts, medium cuts and small cuts. What you get is a 100g weight of the freshest piece of ponmo that you can’t get anywhere else

Buy Cow Skin (Ponmo) 100g today at Nkataa for the best price ever in Abuja, Nigeria.,Buy Cow Skin (Ponmo) 100g today at Nkataa for the best price ever in Abuja, Nigeria.