Grater (Four Parts)

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Grater (Four Parts) is one of the most essential tools in the kitchen. It comes in handy in more ways than you imagine. It is used in preparing food and helps cut down vegetables into slices. It cuts down food into various shapes i.e. strips or bits. This makes it easier to disperse into the meals you are preparing. Made up of sharp blades, panels and drums; this stainless steel apparatus is very resistant to rust. This means that you can use the grater for years without it getting rusted or damaged. This grater has all 4 sides functioning, which makes it multifunctional. It has a handle on top which is where you can hold safely during use. With 4 different sides that have 4 different uses, this triangular shaped 4 part grater has different patterns on each side, for different shaped and sizes of food cut.

Grater (Four Parts) has a large enough housing that acts as a special structure at the base of the grater. It is through this space that the grated food ingredients gather. This hand held utensil makes cooking easier and faster. Not everyone has the skill to slice vegetables with a knife, but with this grater, you don‰Ûªt even need to. The 4 major sides on the grater are: - the large and medium sized holes, a special slicing blade and a pinhole-style side for fine grating. The large hole is commonly used for shredding things like cheese. The medium sized hole is more useful for smaller shreds, this is used more often in the kitchen, onions and other vegetables are shredded using this hole. The slicing blade is specially meant for slicing vegetables like potatoes and other similar tasks. Finally, the pinhole is intended for hard ingredients like ginger, garlic and the likes.

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