Air Wick (6 Actions in 1) Crisp Linen and Lilac

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Air Wick (6 Actions in 1) is a class of air freshener of its own. This new formula created by Air Wick is super effective and active. Created to last much longer than your regular air freshener, this 6 actions in 1 freshener is bound to eliminate all strong awful odour in your environment. A lot of people have been wondering what the name 6 actions in 1 implies. The number 6 simply covers the 6 main tenants of this super room freshener aerosol. Let us help you align all 6 actions. Premium Fragrance: this reveals the fact that air wick is of superior quality and the fragrance is unique and first class. Eliminates odour: this air freshener doesn‰Ûªt block odour like most products, it actually eliminates the smell completely and keeps everywhere smelling good. Acts in seconds: From the moment you hit the spray button, you immediately begin to experience a change in ambience.

Air Wick (6 Actions in 1) also ‰Û÷lasts up to 1 hour: From the moment you spray your environment with this air wick room freshener, the room is guaranteed to remain like that for the next hour at least. This means that one spray and you have a fresh and relaxing scent for a whole hour. Inspired by essential oils: the substances used in the production of this pleasant room freshener contains essential oils that are good for the body; it soothes and relaxes the mind from outside to within. 100% natural propellant: Air wick has stopped using chemical propellants, this means that it is now safer for your family and the environment in general. No more fear of health issues of any sort, thanks to this new improved room freshener.

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