Daralkuchi Whipped Shea Butter 1kg (Unscented)

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Daralshea 100% Premium Organic Whipped Shea Butter (1kg/1000 grams Unscented) is the best available Shea one can find. Due to its whipped texture, it is white, soft, creamy and immediately ready for use on the skin and hair. It contains no artificial colours, flavours, or scents, and is gentle on all skin types. Some of the many uses of our Shea include:

- ultra rich moisturizing skin and hair nutrient
- rich in healing properties (for wounds, scars, etc)
- protects the skin from UV radiation, or extreme cold
- promotes skin renewal
- helps produce skin collagen which clears wrinkles and other signs of aging
- clears eczema, blemishes and reduces itching
- increases circulation and can be used for massages and therapy
- conditions and repairs dry and/or damaged hair