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Sensodyne Deep Clean (Daily Care) 75ML

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Sensitive teeth is not a one-off problem, it's an ongoing condition that can benefit from daily specialist care. Sensodyne Daily Care toothpastes have been specially formulated for people with sensitive teeth. They provide all the benefits of a regular toothpaste, while providing expert care for sensitive teeth. Brush twice a day every day to help strengthen teeth, fight tooth decay and promote gum health. Sensodyne Daily Care Original has a gentle mint taste to keep your mouth feeling clean and fresh. What causes tooth sensitivity? Gum recession exposing dentine at the gum line enamel erosion caused by fizzy and acidic food and drinks wearing away of the enamel caused by over-enthusiastic brushing, it provides 24/7 care for sensitive teeth, it is a dentist recommended brand , specially formulated for people with sensitive teeth