Euthymol Toothpaste 75ml

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Euthymol Toothpaste 75ml is a totally different class of toothpaste on its own. It is a special antiseptic fluoride free toothpaste that is pink and has a unique medicinal taste. The packaging is also unique. It has an old fashioned feel and the name boldly written on the pack. Euthymol is referred to as an antiseptic toothpaste because of the presence of thymol, which is also fused into its name. This particular toothpaste is special because it is the only effective one that successfully prevents mouth ulcers. Sometimes referred to a smoker's toothpaste, euthymol has the ability to wipe away that stench that is common with frequent smokers. Infused with special ingredients that are specifically set to fight the growth of plague. The toothpaste also contains very active essential oils that ensure your gums and teeth remain clean and healthy. Not forgetting the strong thymol aroma that stays fresh all day.

Euthymol toothpaste comes in 75ml pack and is the first choice when it comes to fighting mouth cavities. This toothpaste is totally safe for you and your entire family. It is effective and totally protects your teeth from all sorts of dental issues. Let us shade a little light on the major cause of cavities. They are caused by particles from sugar foods like sweets, drinks and biscuits being converted by plagues to acids that directly affect the strength of the teeth. Using euthymol helps fortify your teeth by sending minerals into your mouth that are absorbed into the teeth creating a shield against sugar acid contamination. You can use euthymol toothpaste to brush twice a day but not more than 3 times. Be sure to avoid excessive swallowing and spitting. This toothpaste is advised for children under 6 years old and avoid direct contact with external organs.

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