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BP Monitor is a very efficient and popular blood pressure machine. It was first launched in 2008 and since then, it has successfully become a best seller in the industry. With a very strong design, this blood pressure machine is now very common in homes, offices and clinics all over the world. Immediately you open the box, you will discover that each equipment has been neatly and professionally arranged. The content of the box are: - the monitor, a medium sizes cuff for your arms, 4 AAA batteries and the paperwork (manual and instruction booklet). The monitor itself is constructed with a very solid bulletproof material, this makes it almost indestructible. The monitor has a medium sized screen placed close to the middle. This very clear LCD screen is where your readings pop up when in use. Just below the screen is a round solitary button, this is the power button where the machine can be turned off and on; and also to recall the immediate previous reading.

BP Monitor has an adaptor port on the side. This is a DC 6V port for connecting the machine to power supply. On the opposite side is another port known as the air valve hole. The basic hand cuff that comes in the box, has a 22 - 32 cm range. The connector is quite different from the previous models, it has a 180 degree connector. Just in case you might have difficulties operating this machine, it comes with an easy to read and understand user‰'s manual. You also get a 3 year guarantee card and a small diary to help you keep track of your daily readings. You get great value for your money when you purchase this machine on Nkataa.

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