Always Ultra (Normal) Giga Pack (44s) - Foreign Edition

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Always Ultra Mega Economy Pack (44s) offers you complete protection and odour neutralization. It is totally effective and gives you all round cover. This ultra-mega economy pack saves you tons of money but still delivers premium quality value. The Always brand has been known worldwide to be the first when it comes to protection for women, with the introduction of this product, it has once again set the status for other brands out there. This mega pack that holds 44 pieces is your best bet for your periods. With a very effective instant drying ability, you can be sure to remain dry and clean all day long. The top sheet was specially designed to soak and absorb any fluid before it gets to the core. Periods are meant to be happy, and that is exactly what you get when you purchase this super money saving Always Ultra sanitary pads on Nkataa.

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