Dina Disposable Plastic Bowls (20pcs)

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Dina Disposable Plastic Bowls (20pcs) are super useful in so many ways. These round plastic bowls are a necessity in every kitchen and even outdoors. Nkataa knows how useful these can be that is why we have fully stocked up on these products. These can help you avoid all the hassle of spending so much money on expensive China (breakable plates) and the kids end up breaking everything. This set of plastic bowls are very affordable and you won‰Ûªt feel hurt if they get missing. A complete set of these bowls contain 20 identical pieces. They are large enough to store your favourite meals and refrigerate for later consumption. Very environmental friendly, these bowls can be washed and reused or you can simply dispose; whatever you deem appropriate. Round plastic bowls on Nkataa are very durable and environmentally friendly; they are also very presentable. They are plain white in colour but give off a certain level of professionalism and formality.

Dina Disposable Plastic Bowls (20pcs) are also very suitable for storage and package. You don‰Ûªt have to go all out your kids birthday party anymore, save up some money by buying one these. The special material they are made up of have insulating properties, this makes sure your meals stay very hot and fresh for a very long time. Packaging breakfast and lunch for the kids, food for the picnic outdoors, even to store leftovers. Get yourself and your kitchen these sets and save yourself the hassle of looking for plates here and there, It is affordable, convenient and effective. These plastic bowls containers live your food exactly in the same taste as you prepared it. No aftertaste just the taste of convenience. They are very safe for microwaving so you can just remove from fridge, microwave and feast directly; no extra stress. It is a total package, 3-in-1 -- Microwave, freezer and dishwasher convenient. Buy Round Plastic Bowls (20pcs).