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  • Save 65%
Caroline 18cm/7 Inch Plastic Plates (50 Pcs)
1,300 450
  • Save 42%
Caroline Shot/Sample Glasses (18pcs) 50ml
600 350
  • Save 10%
Balloons (10pcs)
820 738
  • Save 55%
Dina Disposable Plastic Bowls (20pcs)
1,100 500
  • Save 29%
Caroline Hot Cups (20pcs) 200ml
700 500
  • Save 36%
Gift Bag (Medium) Pattern 1
550 350
  • Save 10%
Micky Mouse Gift bags (Large) Red
700 630
  • Save 88%
Roknas Height Chart Wall Stickers
4,200 499
  • Save 86%
Dina Disposable Deluxe 3 Compartment Plast...
3,500 499
  • Save 42%
Caroline Spirit Glasses (12pcs)
600 350
  • Save 69%
Spider Man Paper Plates (8pcs)
1,100 340
  • Save 72%
Kirkland Disposable Red Cup (Single)
180 50
  • Save 65%
Minnie Mouse Gift Bag (Extra Large) Patte...
1,000 350

Where to get Gift & Party Shop Online in Nigeria?

Gift & Party Shop section at Nkataa is Nigeria’s one and only store where all the magic comes to life, we believe life is a constant celebration and every moment should feel that way. With a great passion for classy arts and detail, our product inventory is judiciously picked to ensure all items mirror our craving for the most skillfully crafted artistic materials. With a professional added touch that personalizes your gifts and well wishes, saying Happy Birthday has never felt better. From a birthday card that completely expresses your inner thoughts, to that superhero piñata that would drive the kids crazy. Nkataa helps you discover the joy and happiness of everyday; we believe each day is worth celebrating. Our card selection offers you a wide range variety of well-designed and expressive thoughts that help to mark all the special occasions of life. We also offer gift vouchers which you can buy and offer to that special loved one to pick out a gift for themselves from our long list of appealing items.

Gift & Party Shop Online in Abuja

Gift & Party Shop section also provides a very extensive range of party supplies. When you pick your supplies from this gift shop, not only do you save money but you get the best quality for your money. We stock up on takeaway packs of all sizes, reusable plates and cutlery. Throwing a big party for business partners and clients, we have the perfect set of crystal effect champagne flutes and plastic crystal tumblers – your guests would be so thrilled they’ll compliment your presentation and this might win you the multimillion contract deal. The list is really endless, from confetti shooter to the best designer perfume brands in the world. From the coziest duvets and bed covers to scented candles and picture frames. Nkataa Gift & Party Shop offers you the best bargain prices you can get anywhere in Nigeria.