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Sausages, Burgers & Frankfurters Online at Nkataa

Sausages, burgers & frankfurters are a must have at home because they are best used for making the tastiest and spiciest homemade snacks. With these, you don’t have to keep making that same old meal like you always do, you can switch it up here and there. In this section, Nkataa has made sure you get the best quality sausages, hotdogs and burgers which you can turn into a culinary delight for yourself, family and guests. It is easier and faster for you now, no need to join the long annoying queues when you want to buy some sausages, we have all you need and more. If you are looking for anything pork related and more, you have come to the best spot. You can purchase the best branded names and unbranded too. Looking for some chicken franks? We have got Minuano and Doux; Doux chicken franks has 3 extra varieties – oriental spices, hot and spicy and with cheese.

Buy Sausages, burgers & frankfurters in Abuja

Sausages and frankfurters are loved by kids, you can get jumbo frankfurters here. Perfectly smoked and seasoned, they are very juicy and yummy; if you are looking for a classic, you should try the pavo frankfurter. Also available in this section are streaky bacon and pork chops. Most people don’t know but sausages are rich in protein, iron and Vitamin B-12. Medical professionals even advised men and women to consume at least 5 ounces of protein foods each day – look no further as sausages and bacon have got you covered. If you love sausages but are scared of the high-fat it contains, you can stick to chicken franks. These are sausages made of chicken and contain much less fat than the regular pork sausages. Fitting flawlessly with breakfast plans, you can also add it to lunch and dinner.