Icecream, Cheese & Frozen Yoghurt

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Supreme Vanilla Ice Cream 500ml
650 500
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FanIce Ice Cream - Vanilla 450ml
630 600
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Cadbury Dairy Milk Vanila Flavoured Ice Cr...
3,800 3,400
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Country Fresh Choca-Cara-Nilla Ice Cream 2L
4,250 4,150
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Fanice Ice Cream Sachet 160ml - Vanilla
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London Dairy Sorbets Raspberry  Flavour - 100ML
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London Dairy Sorbets Raspberry Flavour - ...
1,500 1,350
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Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramello Ice Cream 480ml
3,700 3,500
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Country Fresh Vanilla Flavoured Ice Cream 2L
4,250 4,150
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Country Fresh Chocolate & Fudge Flavoured ...
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Country Fresh Neopolitan Flavoured Ice Cre...
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Country Fresh Vanilla Flavoured Ice Cream 5L
6,625 6,350

Buy Ice cream, Cheese & Frozen Yoghurt Online in Nigeria

Ice cream & Frozen Yoghurt is really the way to woman’s heart, not saying that men too don’t need that amazing cold feeling going down their body system. The wonderful thing about Ice cream and yoghurts is that they are just perfect for every situation. Are you celebrating something, you’re happy, sad, excited, heartbroken, hungry, hot, thirsty or just craving – Ice cream is what you need. Available in a rainbow of flavors, you can decide to snack-up anytime of the day. Made from the freshest dairy products (milk and cream) and combined with fruity flavors, you can be guaranteed to experience a heavenly cold mountain bliss. We all know there really nothing more energizing than a mighty scoop of ice cream. When taken in the right moderation, Ice Cream has health benefits. A recent research has shown that women who take one serving of ice cream a day a less likely to gain weight than women who did. Other benefits include the fact that it enhances fertility in women, contains important nutrients that aid in cell growth and also supply protein to the body. Ice Cream can also boost your sex drive and of course make you very happy.

Ice cream & Frozen Yoghurt On Nkataa

Frozen yoghurt should have its own kingdom. Very rich in protein and calcium, the positive effects yoghurts have on the body is countless. For all those hoping to lose some weight, yoghurt is the fastest way to go; when consumed in the right quantity, you can begin to notice results as early as a week. Other health benefits of yoghurt include enhanced recovery from exercise and workout sessions, they also hold good-bacteria that prevent intestinal infections. Greek yoghurt has all these benefits and more, that’s why different variations of Santi Greek yoghurt have been specially stocked up for you. Buy your healthiest yoghurts and ice cream on Nkataa for the best prices anywhere in Nigeria. When you shop online at Nkataa you enjoy flexible payment options like cash on delivery.