Frozen Vegetables and Fruit

  • Save 5%
McCain Mixed Vegetables 500g
2,100 1,999
  • Save 4%
Plein Soleil Mixed Vegetables 400g
1,675 1,600
  • Save 18%
Frozen Blended Dried Pepper 250ml
850 700
  • Save 5%
Plein Soleil Broccoli 400g
1,510 1,430
  • Save 9%
Plein Soleil Sweet Corn 400g
1,220 1,115
  • Save 8%
Plein Soleil Peas & Carrots 400g
1,310 1,200
  • Save 14%
Emborg Peas & Carrots 450g
1,485 1,275
  • Save 28%
Mity fresh green peas 400g
1,020 735
  • Save 7%
Emborg Garden Peas 450g
1,485 1,385
  • Save 10%
Plein Soleil Extra Fine Peas 400g
1,450 1,300
  • Save 4%
Plein Soleil Green Peas 900g
2,440 2,335
  • Save 5%
Emborg Peas & Carrots 900g
2,440 2,330
  • Save 5%
Plein Soleil Peas & Carrots 900g
2,515 2,400
  • Save 7%
MC Cain corn kernels 500g
1,750 1,625
  • Save 2%
Emborg Garden Peas 900g
2,400 2,360

Buy Frozen Vegetables & Fruit Online in Nigeria

Frozen Vegetables and Fruit have become a very important addition to the African woman’s kitchen. Veggies and Fruit that are frozen have their temperature reduced to limits just below their freezing point. This is done to aid easy transportation and storage; and hence elongating the shelf live of the vegetable and fruit. Frozen veggies & fruit have become more and more acceptable worldwide as people have learnt that it’s has way more advantages than we all thought. There is a general misconception that vegetables and fruit that are frozen are not as nutritional as fresh ones, facts show that this is not true. On the contrary, the minerals and vitamins in frozen veggies and fruit are even richer due to the methods involved before freezing. Unlike fresh vegetables and fruit, the frozen ones are not exposed to light; one of the factors that contribute to drop in nutrient value. Before stored in the freezer / cold room, the harvested veggies are immediately blanched, steamed and then frozen – this ensures that very little as no nutrient at all is lost along the way. Buy the best and healthiest Frozen Vegetables and Fruit from Nkataa for the best price anywhere in Nigeria.

Healthies & Freshest Frozen Vegetables On Nkataa

Frozen Vegetables and Fruit are super time savers and 100% convenient for anyone who wants to cook. After a very long day, nobody really has that energy to still visit the market and buy fresh veggies (which might not be fresh) and start cooking for hours all from scratch. This one stressful process is eliminated with frozen vegetables. They have already been washed, peeled and sliced or chopped into the perfect size, all you have to do is pop open the pack, pour into food and cook. The average Nigerian woman would be amazed at how much time she would be saving by opting for vegetables that have already been diced and package. Egusi soup, Okro and stew, Smoothie, Juice whatever the meal is – it is a straight road from there with packaged veggies. We have available, green peas, peas and carrots, spinach, broccoli, Strawberries, Blueberries, sweet corn and mixed vegetables.