Frozen Soups And Stews

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Frozen Soups and Stews is ideal for anyone that barely has time to cook and wants that special home-made meal that makes you fall in love with African cuisine all over again. In this section, you have the choice to pick between various soups and stew. The frozen stew is held in a 1 liter bowl filled with all the best spices and ingredients that makes you lick your lips every time you have a taste. It is richly packed with nutrients and covers almost every essential vitamin and mineral needed by the body. Want some nice Ofada stew too? Our Ofada stew is very tasty, spicy and meaty; something like you have never tasted before. The peppery stew is made up of – onions, tomato paste, habanero pepper, chili pepper, palm oil, locust beans, seasoning cubes and of course salt. Saving the best for last, this spicy ofada sauce is filled with all kind of assorted meat i.e. liver, beef, kidneys, cow intestines (shaki, ponmo, roundabout).

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Frozen soups in this category include Egusi and Oha. Oha Soup gives you an exhilarating culinary experience from the Eastern part of Nigeria. This traditional delicacy gives off an enchanting aroma even before you get a taste of this gracious soup. This very rich nutritious soup takes a lot of skill to prepare and when done properly like we do at Nkataa, would leave you wanting more and more. Frozen Egusi soup is perfect to go with any swallow. Pounded yam, eba (garri), semo, wheat – whatever it is, you can enjoy this delectable bowl of soup with you meal. Stored in an environmental health friendly container, you can directly place in a microwave and warm. The 1 liter quantity is perfect for 3 people. If it is just you, you can take what you need and put back into the freezer. All our frozen soups and stews are 1 liter in size and were prepared under strict clean and healthy conditions. It’s easy to purchase this frozen soups and stews from Nkataa. Just select, click and we will deliver to your doorstep.