Frozen Meat & Poultry

Where To Buy Frozen Meat & Poultry Online?

Frozen & Poultry products are one of the fastest selling food items in the market these days. It is now an essential products for all kitchens. With frozen poultry and other products, everything has become easier and faster. All those hours you spend queuing up at the supermarket buying fish, chicken and the rest are totally eliminated. Remember you still have to clean and cut before you even start cooking. Nkataa feels your pain and we hate to see you sweat all day at work and still have to sweat in the kitchen. let us be your hero. All our frozen products are sourced from the biggest names in the business; baby chicken, chicken laps &b thighs, lamb and rib steak, smoked ham, lamb and pork chops, gizzards; the list is endless.

Frozen Meat & Poultry On Nkataa

Frozen & Poultry products on Nkataa gives you an unlimited option to pick from. The idea of poultry and other protein based foods been frozen has aided in the supply of this products all year around, it can be stored still it is needed for sale or consumption. Frozen meats and poultry are even of superior quality so you really need to base your purchase on actual product quality. These high grade frozen items, which most of them can be ordered in different quantities (carton or single) and some can even be cut in pieces for you, are super time savers. Frozen produce is picked at its peak and immediately flash frozen to ensure that all the essential vitamins and minerals are still intact. When you buy fresh produce in the grocery store, it may have been harvested days before and may be past its peak by the time arrives. That is never a problem with our frozen products right here at Nkataa. For premium quality products, buy all your frozen and poultry items on Nkataa for the best price anywhere in Abuja - Nigeria.