Frozen Products

chicken franks
  • Save 10%
Minuano Chicken Franks (10 Pieces)
1,100 995
  • Save 6%
Periwinkles (Cup)
900 850
  • Save 17%
Chicken Breast (0.5kg)
3,000 2,500
chicken franks
  • Save 8%
Golden Phoenix Chicken Franks 340g
1,200 1,100
  • Save 6%
Chicken Gizzard (1kg)
3,100 2,900
  • Save 10%
Seara Chicken Franks 340g
940 850
  • Save 6%
Turkey Meat Half Carton (5kg)
32,000 30,000
  • Save 12%
Shrimps (200g)
1,820 1,599
  • Save 6%
Frozen Chicken Thighs (Half Carton)
11,500 10,800
  • Save 5%
McCain Mixed Vegetables 500g
2,200 2,090
  • Save 33%
Blended Dried Pepper 250ml
3,000 2,000
Chicken Breast (1-1.5kg)
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  • Save 6%
Raw Marinated Chicken Laps - Original Flav...
3,400 3,200
  • Save 9%
Shrimps (500g)
2,758 2,522
  • Save 27%
Turkey Gizzard 500g
5,500 4,000
Zartech Chicken Laps
  • Save 5%
Zeta Greek Yoghurt 500ml (Unsweetened)
1,950 1,850
  • Save 2%
Shrimps (1kg)
4,940 4,840
  • Save 1%
Iced Fish (Half Carton)
18,150 17,999
  • Save 8%
Raw Marinated Chicken Wings - Original Fla...
3,800 3,500

Original frozen food online

We all need frozen products for our kitchen and most times are unable to find all we need in a single store. Nkataa offers you a solution to this, by providing all your frozen foods like shrimps, prawns, fish, croaker fillets, fish fillets, crabs, snails, calamari, sausages, chicken and much more all in one store. Our products are from the best quality brands which would also not leave holes in your pocket. Start adding your frozen food to your shopping cart and have them delivered to you. Your comfort is our priority here at Nkataa; Nigeria's online supermarket. When it comes to frozen food, we need to be very careful, so as not to buy contaminated food or frozen foods that have been preserved with dangerous chemical substances. The frozen food we have online has been carefully sourced from reliable farmers. This will help you enjoy fresh products, and you will certainly get great value for your money. We store our foods under the right conditions to ensure it remains in the perfect condition when we deliver it to you.

Buy Frozen Food Products Online

In our day-to-day life, we eat food that contains fish, meat, poultry and more. These foods need to be kept under certain conditions to help preserve them properly. When you shop for your frozen food products on Nkataa, you will be getting the best quality food and at the best price. We have food that will cater for every of your family's need online, all you need do is to select, and we will deliver to your doorstep anywhere in Abuja. When you buy your fresh food products from us, we are giving peace of mind, and an assurance that you will get great value for your money. This is because the fresh food you buy in the market has most likely been exposed to dust, smoke, exhaust fumes and all manner of pollutants. Shop online today and we will deliver to your doorstep anywhere in Abuja. You can also buy your drinks, Baby products, Health & Beauty products and more at the best price.