water leaf
  • Save 11%
Water Leaf - Uncut (per Head)
450 399
Parsley (Bunch)
  • Save 17%
Parsley (Bunch)
600 500
  • Save 8%
Oha Leaf (Head)
380 350
  • Save 10%
Peeled Onions 1kg
1,000 900
Ewedu Leaf
  • Save 10%
Moi Moi Leaves (Bunch)
1,000 899
  • Save 11%
Shoko Leaf
450 399
  • Save 5%
Ripe Plantain (Small Bunch)
2,000 1,899
  • Save 17%
Small Broccoli (Per Head)
900 750
  • Save 9%
Large Cauliflower (Per Head)
2,295 2,099
Beet Root 1kg
  • Save 10%
Water Leaf - Cut (per Head)
500 450
  • Save 13%
Unripe Plantain (Small Bunch)
2,000 1,750
  • Save 12%
Egg Plant
855 750
  • Save 4%
Big Broccoli (Per Head)
2,025 1,940
  • Save 5%
Medium-Sized Cauliflower (Per Head)
1,150 1,090

Where to get Vegetables Online in Abuja?

Vegetables play a major role in the supply of nutrients to the human body. Nkataa provides very safe, healthy, premium quality and freshly harvested vegetable products. Our healthy fresh-cut veggies include carrots, water leaf, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, celery, pepper, broccoli, cabbage, iceberg lettuce etc. Scientific research has proven that people who eat vegetables on a regular basis have less chance of contacting chronic disease. Shopping online for veggies in Abuja has never be easier. The benefits of vegetables tend to show in the long run, it helps in maintaining the inner body system i.e. digestive system, excretory and even the skeletal system. Most veggies are rich in antioxidants that help prevent cancerous cells from growing in the body and also prevents stroke. Doctors’ advice that we should consume at least 2.5 – 6.5 cups of fresh veggies daily; the more variety of vegetables you consume, the more beneficial it is for you. Vegetables should be part of one’s daily diet, in order to keep the body functioning properly to its maximum potential, because they provide the body with vitamins which help to fight diseases and also boost immunity.

Buy Vegetables Online

Vegetables are also used by weight watchers – consuming the right vegetable in the right amount greatly helps lose or maintain weight. Acting as a storage for nutrients – vitamins, fiber and minerals are always available to help you maintain general body fitness. There are mainly two kind of vegetables – starchy and non-starchy. The non-starchy veggies can be consumed in unlimited quantity while the starchy ones contain more sugar. Folic acids commonly found in fresh vegetables aid in the formation of red blood cells. Pregnant woman in their first trimester are advised to take tons of veggies with Folate as it helps the risk of womb defects and spinal cord deformities in the child. You can decide to have certain leaf vegetables in this section sliced for you when you place your order; water leaf, pumpkin leaf (ugu), uha leaf and ukazi all fall under this category. A lot of the great Nigerian soups and meals are products of healthy veggies. Egusi, Oha soup, Okro soup and ewedu are a few examples of spicy tasty meals made with vegetables. Your meals would definitely be healthier and more enriching by adding these vegetables to your cart and for convenience, it would be delivered to your doorstep. Get the best vegetables online at Nkataa in Abuja, Nigeria.