Small Local Chicken 800g - 1kg (Undressed)

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Are you trying to purchase slaughtered local chicken? Then Nkataa is your best option. When you order for our Local Chicken, they are neatly slaughtered, properly de-feathered, dressed and packaged for delivery to suit every individuals need. It weighs between 0.8 - 1 kg and nothing less than that. Everyone knows how tasty, delicious and spicy cooked freshly slaughtered local chicken can be, not forgetting how healthy and lean it is. They are organic and pasture-raised, this lowers the risk of contaminated feed and hence higher nutrient quality. Nkataa assures that you get the best deal when you buy freshly slaughtered local chicken; we guarantee that it is as lean as it is healthy. You can use our local chicken to cook a delicious meal like, local chicken pepper soup, chicken salad, grilled marinated chicken, oven-fried chicken, chicken stir fry, and chicken sandwich; even your normal Sunday Fried rice and Chicken.

Nkataa local Chicken is very affordable regardless of your economic class and lifestyle. We provide options to make things even easier for you, there is an option for cut or uncut; with head, without head; small cut, Medium cut, or large cut to fit customer specifications. Whatever it is, we would make it happen for you. Let's talk about how nutritious it is; it not only has a very high protein content which enhances muscular growth but also an important source of vitamins and mineral which helps in fighting diseases and maintaining proper body metabolism. The nutrient content in local chickens helps in the reduction of you getting cancerous cell, high blood pressure and cholesterol accumulation. Also with the high level of protein it's indeed a great meal for dieting and weight watchers. This product is an initiative to support rural women in agriculture and local poultry farmers all over the country.

Buy your freshly slaughtered local chickens today at Nkataa for the best price ever in Abuja - Nigeria.