Mentos Fresh Action Candy Pouch 102g (30 Pieces)

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Mentos Action Fresh candy is always available on Nkataa. if you are in search of the fresh, minty breath you have come to the right place. Mentos action fresh is exactly as the name implies. It leaves your breath and teeth looking and feeling fresh for hours. This particular pack holds 50 pieces of minty goodness, just enough for you to share with friends and family. Mentos Fresh candy is chewy and gummy at the same time, this way you get to enjoy every last minute. Each chew delivers an extra burst of freshness every single time. The good thing about Mentos fresh candy is that you can have it on the go, all you need to do is tear open the little nylon pack and pop it open in your mouth. It doesn't matter where and when -- might be before that big conference meeting, after eating your onions filled salad for lunch or even on a date with that special someone.

Mentos Fresh candy is long lasting, just one piece can last up to an hour, giving you 60 full minutes of delightful freshness. Some of you might begin to ask if this has any health benefits whatsoever, well they do. The simple act of chewing candy accelerates the rate at which saliva is manufactured -- this is a defense mechanism for the mouth. Mouth bacteria survives by feeding off waste products that accumulate after eating. If left to settle, the organic acid that is produced as a byproduct causes a decline in the PH level of the mouth, this is very dangerous to the tooth enamel. Chewing candy helps prevent all of this by providing saliva that is rich in calcium. Calcium is very effective in providing minerals for the tooth enamel; stopping tooth decay.

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