Ijebu Garri 2kg

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Premium version of the common Ijebu garri. Garri is one of the most popular foods in West Africa and it made from cassava tubers. The main difference between Ijebu garri and yellow garri is in the method of preparation. Cassava tubers are peeled, washed and then mashed. This cassava mash is now transferred into a sieve bag and a big boulder or weighty object is placed on top for several days, this is done to drain out all the excessive water. The next stage involves sieving the dry cassava mash and frying. Some people just like to chew the garri grains (after all it is roasted cassava) straight out of the pack with groundnuts, palm nuts or coconuts. The mist common method is by soaking. By adding water (preferably cold) to Ijebu garri, you can drink it like cereal; some people also like to add supplements like sugar, milk, honey or groundnuts. The final most common method is eba. By adding boiling water and stirring, the mixture turns to a stiff paste. This can be ingested by swallowing with soup.

Ijebu Garri comes in a 2kg bag and is perfectly sealed for your protection. Now your favorite food can be easily transported when you have to travel. It's convenient and safe to carry around. Very affordable and time saving, this package bag of garri is something everyone should have in their food store. It is tasty, healthy, convenient and classy.

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