Mamadoc Puff Puff Mix 300g

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Mamadoc Puff Puff Mix has come to make life easier for everyone. If you don‰Ûªt know what this is, then you are probably not Nigerian. Puff Puff is that very yummy, spongy, deep fried, round snack that we all love. Mamadoc did their research and came up with the perfect mixture for this, all you have to do is add water you are set to go. The great thing about this puff puff mix is that the various ingredients have been added in the perfect amount and mixed together perfectly to give you the best mixture when you add water and fry. Puff Puff has become a universal meal loved by everyone that has had contact with a Nigerian who knows his or her roots. To make puff puff with this mix is very easy and straightforward, but can get complicated when you have no idea what you are doing.

Puff Puff is a Nigerian recipe now famous all over the globe. When fried, it has a crispy fried outer body that collapses into a yeasty centre. With Mamadoc mix, your puff puff is definitely going to be chewy and tasty, with a pillow-like soft centre. Nkataa wants your life to be easy and swift that is why we urge you to purchase this fast and tasty puff puff mix. Depending on your own preference, you can decide to add some extra sugar and milk, but you can trust that this mixture was already professionally set to satisfy the average puff puff lover. This Mamadoc Puff Puff mix comes in a 700g pack that is just large enough to serve you and your friends or family. Perfect for breakfast and as a quick snack for the kids, you have no better option than this.

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