Dano Slim Milk Refill Pack (900g)

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Dano Slim Milk Refill Pack (900g) is the new fast way to lose weight and fat. Just like regular milk, this Dano milk is very rich and highly nutritious also. Even though this milk is specially made for weight watchers, it can still be enjoyed by the entire family. Containing extra calcium, this milk plays a major role in strengthening bones. The extra nutrients and minerals make it very suitable for the supply of energy. Nkataa knows how desperate you are to get rid of that excess fat, which is why we have stocked up generously on Dano Slim Milk powder. Recent research has shown that if you consume a regular diet containing 1000 ‰ÛÒ 1400 milligrams of calcium per day from dairy products like Dano milk can drastically transform the way your body burns down fat. It generally increases fat metabolism. So in generally, not only does Dano slim milk help you lose weight quickly and burn the excess fat on the body; it also helps you achieve that perfect waistline.

Dano Slim Milk Refill Pack comes in the best kind of packaging imaginable. This refill back is very environmental friendly. Milk has been already nicknamed the world‰Ûªs perfect food and for a good reason too. Acting as the perfect substitute for whole milk, this milk is still very rich in protein, thiamine, riboflavin and Vitamin B12. Also rich in minerals, you can‰Ûªt really go wrong when you add slim milk to your daily diet, especially if you are trying to watch your weight. If you are finding it difficult to make the switch from full cream milk to slim milk, we advise you mix to two together till you get accustomed to it. You can also add to desserts and fruit smoothies to grow used to the taste.

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