Royco Beef Cubes - Twin Offer

Royco Beef Seasoning Cubes - Twin Offer

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Royco is rich in Nigeria home cooking. It comes in a range of different variants: chicken flavour, beef flavour and goat flavour produced by Unilever Nigeria PLC a leading consumer goods company. Royco brings uniqueness to the taste of seasoning available to the Nigerian consumer. Royco beef is specially formulated to deliver “irresistible beef taste” and great aroma, in addition to the existing chicken flavour and goat variants.

It is fortified with iron and iodine and it comes in 2g of 50 and 2g of 100 cubes. The seasoning cubes provide rich meatiness to sustain and nourish vital bonds. For tasty meals, the amazing main ingredients in cooking delicious meaty meals makes a little to go a long way. This seasoning is the perfect meat companion to nourish Nigerian families through their cooking. The beef cubes come in small packaging but they pack a powerful punch as a meal companion because a hearty meal always makes everything better which is why Royco have taken the best of traditional home cooking and packaging it in a way that allows you to conveniently and quickly make a meal from boiling of meat to cooking delicious soups, delicious stews, sauce, stir-fries, delicious Nigeria jollof rice, delicious recipe bases and more. We’ll help you create magical meals in no time.

60 years of no stress. No wasted time. No-fuss. Just delicious, every time. Gives your meals a delicious, richer, meatier flavour when you cook. Our cubes are the primary ingredients in cooking delicious meaty meals to make a little go a long way.

At Nkataa, you can buy any of the Royco variants. You can order a simple pack, twin pack or even a carton now and we’ll deliver to you anywhere in Abuja.


  • More meaty taste.
  • Fortified with iron.
  • Fortified with iodine.
  • It gives your meals a meatier flavour
  • Can be used on traditional and progressive dishes.
  • Each variant has a delicious aroma and richer colour to give your meals an explosive flavour

Royco Seasoning Cubes (Beef Flavour) – 2x100