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Brown Beans (1kg)

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Brown Beans! Raise your hands if you're not tall but you were forced to eat beans growing up. And do you know anyone that grew tall from eating beans? Well, we can agree our mothers just used that to make us love beans or pretend to love beans. Who didn't want to grow tall after all? The thing is, beans are rich in fiber, folate, proteins, vitamins, and carbohydrate; thus, It is highly nutritional. These nutrients generally, stimulate the growth hormones generally. Beans are one of those Nigerian foods that have so many myths surrounding it. Just like when they say don’t add salt until it gets soft if not, it will not cook properly. Do you agree with this? When do you add your own salt? Beans are also a versatile food product as it can be made into a porridge, boiled plain, mixed with salads or even baked. It’s also a good meal for babies as it is soft when boiled and digests easily. Eat it with vegetables for that extra dose of nourishing nutrients. Hey, ladies, this has not been scientifically proven, but as food experts, we can tell you that men love beans. So you know what to do *wink*.

At Nkataa, we do not only offer already made meals, we offer raw food as well such as brown beans. When cooked the brown beans is such a delicacy, especially when served with plantain, goat meat or any other well-seasoned protein. Some even like to eat it with garri, either poured directly or “soaked.” However way you like it, your bean is just a click away. This 1kg portion can feed 4-5 persons if served in average portions. Get the brown beans on Nkataa and have it delivered to you anywhere in Abuja. So, when next you crave that bowl of beans you can always just order the raw brown beans from us, you know the rest.

Buy Brown beans at Nkataa today at the best price, quantity, and quality in Abuja. It’ll be delivered straight to your doorstep.