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Deal of the Day section is the door that leads to the most mouthwatering awoofs (deals) and giveaways for that day. Just like every day brings new opportunities and blessings, so Nkataa rewards its loyal fans with the best discount sales, food combos and interesting deals. Good thing is that most of these deals remain active even after that day, so in case you didn’t discover the sale on time, you still have the next day, week and maybe even month to purchase this rewarding gift. The deals are put together so they specially fit into your schedule, diet and price tag. Some great deals you would see in this section include – Sweet Mondays, Bukka Thursdays and Deal of the Day. Sweet Mondays is for all the sweet-tooth’s out there, you can expect to get items like ice-cream, chocolates and candy. Bukka Thursdays are more for the people trying to prepare lunch or dinner. This deal offers food ingredients necessary for a tasty and yummy meal, you can expect to get items like beef, palm oil, fresh vegetables and fish in this attractive package.

Best Deals Online in Abuja

Deal of the Day is meant to help you save up money on items you would get at exorbitant prices anywhere else. You get to discover something surprising in every deal we put up. Our main aim is to give you an unparalleled online shopping experience by awarding you heavy discounts and special enticing DEALicious deals – trust me you would want to grab every single deal up on this page. These grab and go deals are usually of limited quantity so we advise that you visit this section every day to keep yourself updated. It goes by a lot of names – deal of the day, flash sales, daily deal or one deal a day; call it what you want as long as you add it to your cart while it is still available. Buy the Deal of the day now for the best price in Abuja and Nigeria.