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Rose Belle Tissue (2 in 1)

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Tissue paper is a lightweight paper made from recycled paper pulp. Honestly, tissue papers are underrated and not given so much credit. Imagine a world without tissue papers? A very dirty world we believe! A lot of times we actually do not think much of it, but knowingly or unknowingly, we use it every day. The moment we run out then we realise how important it is. Rose belle Tissue papers are biodegradable and environmentally friendly which makes them one of our faves. After All, we are all trying to leave the world better than we met it but pollution caused by non-biodegradable items is still at large.

Nkataa not only meets to your ‘stomach infrastructural’ needs, we also meet your daily basic needs. When you shop the Rose Belle Tissue 2 in 1. You save small as it comes cheaper than buying single. Nkataa is not only about convenience, we also try to help you enjoy more for less. The reason why we offer amazing meal combos, discounts, bundles and flash sales regularly. The rose bell tissue will sit perfectly in your toilet, bedroom, handbag, baby bag, kitchen and wherever necessary. It's soft and doesn't leave particles after use. Rose belle tissue has been known to maintain its quality reputation over time. This is encouraging in times like this when the quality of products are steadily dropping. Order the Rose Belle Tissue 2 in 1 from Nkataa and we’ll have it delivered to you anywhere in Abuja. That soft and clean goodness is just a click away.

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