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Yellow small pepper or yellow chili pepper is one of the most common species of peppers used in Nigeria; it is next to the red ones. It is believed that they are more peppery than the red pepper. These yellow peppers add their own unique spice and sweet taste to the meals and are often times mixed with the red peppers. You know how we Nigerians like too much spice (pun intended). The yellow pepper has high Vitamin C, provitamin A beta-carotene and vitamin B contents. They also contain a small amount of riboflavin, vitamin B6, and thiamine. The yellow pepper can be used either fresh or dried. The purpose of drying it is usually to preserve it. A lot of times, chefs use the yellow pepper to garnish food, not just for its taste but the vibrancy of its colours. Seen where yellow pepper is heaped in the market? It’s a really pretty sight. They have a smooth texture and appear glazed, making you just want to touch them. The good thing about these peppers is that they are available all year round. Apart from adding spice to our meals, these peppers are also used to make tear gas and botanical pesticides targeting pests like aphids. We know right? Weird facts! Who knew! The yellow pepper is also used in the making of curry powder and chili powder. Now you know this is the real “pepper them gang”

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