Peeled Onions 1kg

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Peeled Onions are Nkataa's hand peeled onions washed and neatly packaged in a tray of 1kg size. They are packaged in a way that is best for you to store them for a longer period. Now you don't want to go through the stress of having to peel onions before using them for your meals because Nkataa got you covered.

Red onions are known for their mild, sweet flavour. They are named for the bright red to purple skin, a colour that can be seen in layers throughout the inside of the onion.

They are often eaten raw as part of a salad or a sandwich, but they can be cooked as well. Red onions are a perfect choice for people who want just a hint of onion flavour in a cooked dish.

Onions can be bought in large or small quantities and will remain fresh for up to one month if kept in a cool, dry place. They should never be stored in the refrigerator or in a plastic bag. Always choose onions with smooth, dry skin and no blemishes or soft patches. They should have a slightly sweet aroma while the skin is on. For the best flavour, avoid onions with green shoots.

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