Onions (Quarter Basket) 1kg

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Onions are known for their mild and sweet flavour that is suitable for almost our everyday meal. Red onions, also known as Spanish onions, contain plenty of healthy essential nutrients as well as phytochemicals that provide long-term health benefits. They are known for the bright red to purple skin colour that can be seen in layers throughout the inside of the onion. They are often eaten raw as part of a salad or a sandwich, but they can be cooked as well. Red Onions are a perfect choice for people who want just a hint of onion flavour in a cooked dish. People who consume lots of onions tend to prevent their system from diseases related to the heart and other parts of the body. Consuming red onions also supplies your body with soluble fiber and flavonoids, antioxidant compounds that fight free radicals. These flavonoids assist in thinning your blood, decreasing inflammation and fighting cancer. So this vegetable is a real health boost to anyone. The sulphur in onions is one of the reasons it is so good for your eyes. Onions are important for the production of glutathione, an important sulphur containing protein that acts as an antioxidant for the lens of the eye.

In Nkataa, red onions are well packaged in different baskets of varying sizes such as Full basket (5kg), Half basket (2.5kg) and the Quarter basket (1kg) and are always kept fresh for our customers in a cool, dry place (they should never be stored in the refrigerator or in a plastic bag). We make sure we deliver red onions with smooth, dry skin and no blemishes or soft patches as we confirm they have a slightly sweet aroma while the skin is on before delivery. Also for the best flavour we avoid onions with green shoots.

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