Fresh Meats & poultry

Can I get Fresh Meats & Poultry Online in Abuja?

Fresh Meat & Poultry has very high expectations from customers but Nkataa has always managed to surpass those expectations. We know you want tasty, lean and tender meat and that’s exactly what you get when you buy our fresh meat and poultry products. You would discover that the meat you buy from us has stable color and no or very little additives. We take every step to ensure your poultry and meat products are of the highest hygiene and freshness. We get our supplies from the best farms all over Nigeria and they arrive daily. To ensure you stay healthy, we have an in-house vet that does regular checks to make sure your meat is hygienically slaughtered.

Buy Fresh Meats & Poultry Online

Fresh meat & Poultry section on Nkataa gives you the opportunity to buy very fresh and healthy meat proteins at your own convenience. You can get to buy products like freshly slaughtered local chicken, kidneys, cow skin (ponmo), beef, goat meat and minced meat. When you buy any of these items, you are guaranteed superior quality of all products and maximum freshness. The local chicken for example is immediately slaughtered the minute you place your order. This ensures that your poultry produce is still clean, fresh and healthy. This same procedure is used for our other meat products. Looking for a rich source for proteins, you have come to the right place. Fresh animal foods are very rich in natural and complete proteins – this ensures that the body gets all the necessary amino acids it requires to function to its optimum. We all know that taste is king and that’s exactly why we always deliver your fresh meat and poultry products as soon as possible, to prevent contamination and so it retains the flavor and quality.