Ice Titus Fish Carton (Kampala) 20kg

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Titus Fish is one of the most important species of fish that is healthy and can be consumed by all members of the family. It can be prepared fried, grilled, roasted or boiled and can be taken with any choice of food like rice (either fried rice or jollof rice), sauce, pepper soup and others. Titus Fish is a delicious food found in water and it provides the body with lots of vitamins and minerals that the body needs to function well. Titus Fish tastes delicious and easy to prepare by spicing it up with various condiments to cook, you will definitely enjoy your Titus Fish with your friends and families. Titus Fish is a good source of nutritional values which are good for the body. Whether professional cook, beginner, mother, bachelor or single individual, it is sure to compliment your various meals. Buy your Titus Fish and have it delivered to your doorstep quickly and fresh. Titus fish has a wonderful taste that has makes it be a lot of people favourite food any day.

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