Where to get Fresh Bread in Abuja?

Breads are definitely one of the most eaten and oldest food in the entire universe. We all have an idea in our heads how bread is made, but it actually takes a whole lot of skill and professionalism. The most common kind of bread is made up of milk, water, yeast, flour, sugar, nut, spices and salt. At Nkataa, we offer the largest variety of the best breads in Abuja, Nigeria. The nutritional benefits of bread are numerous, it is rich in vitamins, iron, calcium and protein. Among the selection of breads we offer include – wheat bread, croissant, baguette, white bread, burger buns, hot dog bread and even gluten free breads. Every sort of bread has its own advantage and what makes it stand out among the rest. The best way to store bread is to be kept in a box at room temperature; this way it remains fresh. Bread can be also be wrapped in a wax paper and then refrigerated.

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Breads made of wheat bread are rich in fiber which plays a major role in digestion and general health. Most people watching their weight prefer wheat bread as it contains less calories than white bread. Wheat bread also contains minerals and niacin, this further assists people trying to maintain their weight. Want more facts, wheat bread also helps reduce the chances of getting heart diseases and diabetes. If you have allergies to gluten products i.e. flavored-nut bread, corn bread, cinnamon bread, ginger and almond bread –the best kind of bread for you is gluten free bread. These breads are made of gluten free flour like rice flour. Whatever type of bread you decide to buy, sliced or whole – you can be assured of premium quality in freshness, mildness and taste.