Ripe Plantain (Portion)

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**5-6 pieces per Portion**

Plantain (portion) which is very common in Nigeria is very similar to bananas but larger in size. Plantains are referred to as a vegetable and are usually cooked before eaten. Plantains are usually green but turn yellow when they are ripe. When you buy a portion of plantain from Nkataa, what you get is a healthy ripe portion of plantains. The portion contains randomly between 4-5 plantain sticks and they are fresh, big and healthy. Plantain is what I like to call a universal food as it can be cooked and eaten straight up or it can be added to compliment another meal. To name a few, it can be used to make plantain porridge or fried to play supplement to another food. Fried plantain (dodo) is the perfect combo for white rice, fried rice, jollof rice and even beans. In some places, it is even considered a serious offence to serve your elder white rice without any fried plantain.

Plantain plays a very major role when it comes to nutrients needed by the body. Plantain has a relatively larger amount of calories than the banana, this makes it serve as a good supply for starch and energy. It has also been known to be a remedy to constipation, a healthy stick of plantain contains enough fiber to assist bowel movement. Vitamin C is another nutrient that is found in abundance in plantains this vitamin enables the body to fight against infections. Rich in potassium, it is largely involved in the way the heart beats, blood pressure and further helps strengthen the bones. Why stress yourself going to the market and end up not getting value for your money. Beat all the odds with Nkataa, bigger, fresher and healthier plantain (portion).

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