Pumpkin / Ugu Leaf (Cut) (Small Portion)

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Pumpkin / Ugu leaf, we just had to add the Ugu, a lot of us are familiar with the name pumpkin. (if you didn't know, no need to be shy, you’re not alone) Pumpkin / Ugu is a popular leaf in Nigerian markets and homes. It is a major ingredient in most Nigerian local soups such as Ugu soup, mixed vegetable soup, edikaikong, efo riro, egusi soup, waterleaf soup and more. This leaf which its cultivation in Nigeria is said to have started in the east is rapidly becoming a nationwide favourite. This is due to its richness in nutrients and the health effects it has on our body. It contributes to blood building and is rich in minerals, such as iron, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium. It also has anti-oxidants and vitamins, such as thiamine, riboflavin, nicotinamide and ascorbic acid. It is high in protein and can effectively fight and prevent diseases such as kwashiorkor. It’s high vitamin A content makes it recommended for pregnant women. Ugu leaf also has lactating properties, so as a nursing mother, ensure it’s included in your meals. Eat your way to good health.

Trust us, at Nkataa we understand the market hassle. When it comes to vegetables like pumpkin / ugu, it’s not about buying from the market, that’s the easy part. The major stress comes when you have to cut the vegetables and prepare it for cooking. We can all agree that the foodstuff preparation i.e cleaning, cutting etc is always the hardest and time-consuming aspect of cooking. This is why Nkataa focuses on making time saver products available for your use. The pumpkins / ugu leaves have been finely cut and properly washed, stored in the right condition waiting to jump into your carts. So whether you want to make Ugu soup, mixed vegetable soup, Edikaikong or just crunchy vegetable sauce, think of Nkataa. Place your order and we’ll deliver the pumpkin / ugu leaf to you anywhere in Abuja.

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