Knorr Beef Cubes (50x8g)


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Knorr cubes are made with carefully selected herbs and spices to enhance the natural flavour of the fresh ingredients used in cooking. It adds that tasty twists to soups, stews, chicken and more. It is a trusted and popular brand in more than 80 countries. And in Nigeria, almost everyone's favourite. Knorr cubes are unique from other brands. The package is user-friendly, easy to open and the cubes are easy to crumble. With Knorr, say bye to hard cubes. Knorr cubes are made with real ingredients; real chicken, beef, and crayfish so definitely it's an ideal addition to any meal. From a plain old recipe, knorr will transform it into a delicious meal. Trust us, everyone will be smiling from their stomachs and heart. Complement your meals with knorr cubes and give your meals the mouth-watering and delicious aroma it deserves. Not only do we love knorr for its unique taste, we also love its beliefs. Knorr believes that every meal is an opportunity for families to bond and to show that everyday meals can be just as magical as special occasions. Food is not just fuel, it really is the glue of life. Why not try Knorr today?

Nkataa sells Knorr Cubes (50x8g) at a very affordable rate. And also, we’ll deliver to you anywhere in Abuja. Knorr is Nigeria’s favorite and there's no argument the wonders it does to our meals. So next time you want to cook chicken, rice, stew, soups, beans etc add knorr cube to it and thank us later. The cubes come in both chicken, beef and crayfish flavours; so whatever the choice of meal is, there’s a knorr for it. You know how we Nigerians love our meals tasty and spicy, Knorr is definitely the answer. Taste the Knorr difference with Knorr cubes from Nkataa!

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