Soup Ingredients

Soup ingredients are the items used to prepare different Nigerian soup delicacies.

At Nkataa there are several ingredients used in making Nigerian soup delicacies. we sell all you need to prepare your soup delicacies. We have Blended Crayfish, Egusi, Locust Beans, Achi, Bushashen Kubewa (Dried Okro Powder), Udah Seed, Ogbono Seed, Uziza Leaf, Akidi, Nigerian Spinach(Efo), Dry Bay Leaves, Ukazi, Tatashe,African Oil Beans, Ewedu Leaf , Scent Leaf and lots more.

At Nkataa we have several Soup ingredients to make a complete dish.Egusi Soup, Uha Soup, Banga Soup, Okro Soup, Ogbono Soup, Vegetable Soup,Pepper-Soup, Efo-roro, Bitter-leaf Soup, Seafood Okro. These ingredients can be used to prepare several Nigerian meals and different ways of preparing this meals depends on the culture here in Nigeria. One ingredient that is used for cooking and is said to give soups a rich taste is Locust Beans also known as Iru, by the Yorubas Eware by the Edo people and Dawadawa by the Hausa People of Nigeria.

Egusi Soup is one of the most popular soup dishes in Nigeria. Egusi is also known as melon. Particularly, in Nigeria egusi is a popular soup eating with pounded yam. These seeds are rich in fat and protein, and add these essential nutrients Nigerian cuisine. Egusi soup is a soup thickened with ground melon seeds and contains leafy and other vegetables. It is one of the most popular soups prepared by most tribes in Nigeria with considerable variation and often eaten with dishes like pounded yam, eba, and sometimes rice. Prepare it with goat, beef, fish.

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