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The perfect place to buy herbs and spices online; we supply a comprehensive range of vital flavourings, cooking favourites and lots more ‘niche’ exotic herbs too. You’ll find everything from convenient kitchen-stocker packs to bulk buy options for the well-seasoned professional cook. Our natural and organic range includes aromatic herb blends, cooking leaves, curry powders, spice and herb mixes and a generous peppering of salt and seasonings.

Spices general, they are low in calories, sodium, fat and have no cholesterol, although some of the oil-rich seeds, such as poppy and sesame, contain a moderate amount of calories. Also, some seasonings, such as celery or parsley flakes, contain enough sodium to be counted. However, these ingredients are used in such small quantities that they are not a problem unless a recipe calls for an unusually large amount, or unless the diet restriction is severe.

Regardless of what food we enjoy most, or how often we go back to our favourite dishes, it’s great to know you can always enhance, enliven or completely reinvent your homemade meals. Good quality cooking spices and herbs offer one of the simplest and most effective ways to do just that.

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At Nkataa we have several herbs & spices to make a complete dish. From spices like Jollof Rice spice, Chicken spice, Paprika, Pepper Seasoning, Pepper-soup Spice, Seasoning like Royco, Knorr, Nutmeg, to salt without salt, home cooking can be bland and unappetizing, Herbs, like mint , are the leaves of a plant, while spices, like paprika, are usually made from the seeds, berries, bark, or roots of a plant. Both are used to flavour food. Herbs and spices make food tastier while boosting your health.

When you shop on Nkataa, you not only enjoy the convenience that comes with online shopping, but you will also enjoy good, quality products. We also have Frozen foods and Fresh foods Drinks, ready for you. Purchasing items from us allows you to enjoy paying cash on delivery.

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